Deria Sentuhan Tangan

Sebuah Dokumentari mengisahkan kesukaran mendapat zuriat boleh diubati dengan sentuhan tangan menggunakan deria.

Puan Sokimping yang berasal dari Menggatal mempunyai kemahiran dapat menolong.


The existence of mankind on earth is marked by the ability of the human race to multiply and grow through the continuous cycles of birth, child age, adulthood, the golden age and finally death.

The arrival of an offspring into this world is indeed an awaited joy as well as a clear sign that the generations of man will persevere with time.

Modern technologies have indeed enabled a lot of advancement in the field of medicine and health, assisting women in pregnancy, childbirth and after birth.

Nonetheless, pregnancy and childbirth is not an exact science.

Even in this era of rapid technological development, some women face issues of infertility, difficulty to conceive, complications during pregnancy and childbirth as well as health problems during post natal period.

Amidst the modern medicines and health facilities supporting women in healthy pregnancy and childbirth, alternative health and medicinal practices of the traditional ways are still an open option to those who relentlessly seek the joy of bringing their offspring into this world.

Hence, this story highlights the quest of determined women who seek to find that bundle of joy through the alternative means of traditional massage via the expert hands of a traditional therapist in Inanam, Sabah, and Madam Sokimping Motingah.

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